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Volunteer Kenya - Volunteering In Kenya Social Care, Environmental, Conservation, Health Care Projects

Our volunteer programs enables the volunteers to support social-economic development in Kenya without being motivated by financial or material gain. The participants in this program undertake altruistic activities, intended to promote good or improve human quality of life in the visited destination. On the other hand the program enables the volunteers to achieve their ego of engaging in philanthropic work and give them an opportunity of sharpening their skills in a wide range of disciplines; developmental work, biodiversity conservation, teaching, provision of health services and    Youth especially students can also volunteer to gain skills without requiring an employer's financial investment.

Categories of Volunteer Programs
Our volunteer programs are categorized into five categories as their themes, namely; community development, biodiversity conservation, teaching, working with children’s homes and health care. The categories assist the volunteers is selecting a program that will serve their needs on special cases tailor made programs outside the categories can be arranged for volunteers with special needs. Below is a description of each program;

Volunteer Opportunities in Community Development
Under this category volunteers participate in projects which help to raise the living standard of the local communities. These are usually non-profitable social projects aimed at addressing the problem facing the community e.g poverty alleviation, infrastructural development, youth unemployment reduction, facilitation of access to universal basic primary education, enhancing access to clean & safe drinking water, reduction of gender equality and prevention of HIV/AIDS. Volunteers can work directly with community based organization implementing the project or donor organization and private companies to create sustainable means of earning livelihood and promote sustainable development. Seasoned volunteers can assist prospective sponsor to identify viable project to support defending on their wish or even implement the project on their behalf, this also calls for compiling of reports and providing the follow –up.

Volunteer Opportunities in Conservationn
Biodiversity conservation programs allow volunteers to engage in project which are set to conserve bio-diversity and benefit local communities through community based conservation. These project are community driven that motivates locals to live harmoniously with wildlife hence decreases human wildlife conflicts, in the long run communities benefit from economic empowerment through economic projects such as tourism businesses. These self-help groups can earn direct returns from accommodating wildlife and natural. Volunteers are  expected to support the conservation of natural resources either directly or indirectly by giving their time and identifying new effective ways to create alternative dimensions of promoting sustainable development through conservation.

Vonteer Opporunities in Teaching
Volunteers help teaching some subjects in rural and primary and secondary schools where teaching staff are limited. The chosen subject can be optional defending on volunteer’s wish i.e. English, Mathematics, biology, music, extra curriculum activities, and career guidance among others. Environmental education is also taught in schools this help to mitigate negative impacts on wildlife and natural resources conservation through organizing educational exhibitions and conferences in the community to address problem facing them and how they can be addressed. Environmental education also calls for organizing of activities which will have a positive impact to our environment like tree planting, park cleaning e.t.c. By engaging kids fully in this activity will not broaden their knowledge but also create awareness of conserving natural resources and the benefit of it.

Volunteer Opportunities in Social Care/Children Orphanages
The programs enables volunteers to supports orphans and less fortunate children living in children’s home with traumatizing background who need you to give them guidance and counselling and teach vital virtues to support them grow morally and responsibly . Volunteers engage in day to day activities of running the children home they are attached and can also participate in resource mobilization to fast track fund raising through people of good will and donors.

Volunteer Opportunities in Health care
Volunteers work with government and non governmental organizations to curve the existing adversities like malnutrition, diseases and epidemics. They assist in distributing relief food to famine stricken areas, create awareness on contagious diseases like HIV/AIDS, T.B and disease outbreaks like cholera.

Competitive Volunteering prices in Kenya.
 African Authentic Safaris Ltd. assists volunteers to get safe, comfortable and competitively priced programs based on homestay accommodation. This enables volunteers to achieve their dreams and at the same time experience African Culture first hand. Our prices are as outlined below:

4 weeks Program:  US$ 810
8 Weeks Program:  US$ 1,370
12 Weeks Program: US$ 1,930

Volunteer Program Inclusives
- Transfer to/from Airport
- 2 nights accommodation in Nairobi
- 2 days volunteer orientation in Nairobi
- Nairobi City tour

To reserve or enquire reach us on: 


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