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Ndere Island

  • Ndere Island: 355 km from Nairobi. You connect by boat to the Island.
  • Ndere Island: the papyrus swamps around Lake Victoria contain a unique selection of water birds.
Size and Location of Ndere Island
  • Kisumu Impala: Less than 1 sq. km
  • Ndere Island: 4.2 sqkm

Attractions in Ndere Island

  • over 115 species have been recorded
  • impala, leopard, hyena, jackal, ostrich and vervet monkey
Wildlife in Ndere Island
  • Wildlife includes; impala, hippo, baboon, vervet monkey, sitatunga antelope, crocodile, monitor lizard and a variety of snakes
Where to Stay in Ndere Island
  • Kisumu Impala: No inpark accommodation. Visitors can stay in Kisumu town which offers plenty of accommodation option.
  • Ndere Island: There is no accommodation on Ndere Island but there are many places to stay on the mainland in Kisumu.
Tourist Activities in Ndere Island
  • Game viewing
  • Picnicking
  •  Lake Victoria Viewing



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