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Marsabit National Park

The Marsabit National park lies in northern Kenya, about 560km north of Nairobi in Marsabit district. The park comprises of densely forested mountain and three crater lakes that are the only permanent surface of water in the region and that provide habitat for a variety of birdlife. Major wildlife attractions include the African elephant, the endangered Grevy’s zebra, lion, leopard, buffalo, bushbuck, large herds of greater and lesser kudus, common zebra, Grant's gazelle and many other small antelopes. The park is famous for its elephant named Ahmed that was provided with 24hr security surveillance by presidential decree in the 70's, to demonstrate Kenya's commitment to wildlife conservation.

Distance: 560 km north of Nairobi.263 km north of Isiolo.
Gates: 2 Gates;Ahmed and Abdul.
Roads: from Nairobi, the reserve is reached via Nanyuki and lsiolo a distance of 620 km. The road is paved up to lsiolo leaving a distance of 270 km of very bad road that is only motorable by 4 wheel-drive vehicles during the dry season.
By Air: there is an airstrip at Marsabit, 4km from the Park’s main gate.
Airstrips: The reserve is 2 1/2 hrs by air from Nairobi and is adequately served by a tarmac airstrip located about one kilometer from Marsabit town centre.
- 1,554 Km2.
- Marsabit District, Eastern Province
Land of Gofs
Magical Lake paradise
A dynasty of giants
Last refuge of the huge-tusked bull elephants
Prisrine Forest
Diverse birdlife
The greater Kudu
Realm of raptors
Bird life
Elephants, buffalo, greater Kudu, hyena, Grevy’s zebra, Kirk’s dik-dik, reticulated giraffe, lion, leopard and baboon.
  • Marsabit Lodge lies in an exquisite location and offers stunning views.
  • Camping
    • 2 public campsites, Ahmed Campsite is located by the main Ahmed Gate some 3.2 km from Marsabit lodge. Abdul Campsite located by Absul gate and is close to Park HQ
    • Special Paradise Campsite: a grassy clearing on the shores of Lake Paradise.
  • Game viewing.
  • Ornithological (bird watching safaris
  • Camel safaris to neighboring plains (this activity can be conducted by the local people);
  • Visiting to "singing wells' where local people engage in songs while drawing water from deep wells to water



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