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Gombe Stream National Park

Introduction Gombe Stream National Park
It’s a thick deep forest that echoes can be heard from a distance with the people whispering in the quiet forest. Birds singing can be heard and spotted from a distance flying as the people are paddling their boats. It was  Established in 1968 and is the smallest national park in Tanzania, with only 20 square miles (52 km2) of forest running along the hills of the northern shore of Lake Tanganyika The terrain is distinguished by steep valleys, and the forest vegetation ranges from grassland to alpine bamboo to tropical rainforest. Accessible only by boat, the park is most famous as the location where Jane Goodall pioneered her behavioral research conducted on the chimpanzee populations. The Kasakela chimpanzee community, featured in several books and documentaries, lives in Gombe Stream National Park

Jane Goodall
Dr. Jane Goodall first traveled to Tanzania in 1960 at the age of 26 with no formal college training. At the time, it was accepted that humans were undoubtedly similar to chimpanzees. However, little was known about chimpanzee behavior or community structure. At the time she began her research, she says “it was not permissible, at least not in ethological circles, to talk about an animal's mind. Only humans had minds. Nor was it quite proper to talk about animal personality There she spent months tracking the elusive chimpanzee troops, particularly the Kasakela chimpanzee community, and observing their daily habits until she was slowly accepted by one troop and was allowed rare and intimate glimpses into chimpanzee society. Today Dr. Goodall uses the publicity from her research to advocate for chimpanzee welfare, the conservation of biodiversity, and general stewardship of the Earth. She founded the Jane Goodall Institute in 1977, as well as the youth-focused environmental group Roots & Shoots in 1991 which now has over 800 groups in nearly 90 countries around the world
Location and access to Gombe Stream National Park
Located in western Tanzania, 10 miles (20 km) north of Kigoma, the regional capital of western Tanzania. 
Attractions in Gombe Stream National Park
Gombe is enriched with a large diversity of flora and fauna which make it make it an increasingly popular tourist destination. Besides chimpanzees, others include, primates inhabiting Gombe Stream include beachcomber olive baboons, red-tailedmonkeys and monkeys. The park is also home to over 200 bird species andbushpigs. There are also 11 species of snakes, and occasional hippopotamus and leopards. Visitors to the park can trek into the forest to view the chimpanzees, as well as swim and snorkel in  the Lake.
 Activities in Gombe Stream National Park
Gombe National park has diverse Tourist activities which include:-
·         Bird watching as the National park has over 200species of birds.
·         Boat riding around /along the shores of the National Park as the park is accessible only by boat.
·         Nature walks ie visitors can trek to the forest to view chimpanzees
·         Wildlife viewing i.e. chimpanzee, Leopard and snakes Hippopotamus
·         Swim and snorkel in Lake Tanganyika.
·         Research and conservation.
·         Fishing in Lake Tanganyika

Accommodation  in Gombe Stream National Park


Original name: Rest House
Location: Kasekela
Capacity / Beds: 4


Original name: Hostel
Location: Kasekela
Capacity / Beds: 6


Original name: Tented Camp
Location: Mitumba
Capacity / Beds: 8
Owner: Chimpanzee Safaris


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